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Fell-Foss Theatre

We may be a new venture but we have a wealth of performing and touring experience...

BlueBoxt Productions presents Fell-Foss Theatre a new fledged venture that aims to craft professional theatre in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and tour quality performances to rural communities across the North of England and beyond.

We have over 30 years performing and touring experience. Creating a 'theatre in a day' in a community village hall or visiting a regional theatre is all in a days work.

North Country Theatre regular Mark Cronfield embarks on a dynamic one man adaptation of Defoe's classic novel for our first touring production for 2019 - 2020.

Can you help us to continue the tradition of creating quality rural touring theatre?

Both Mark and Colin are inspired and enthused by their time with North Country Theatre and look forward to creating quality touring theatre for voluntary and professional venues and the communities they serve.

We hope to attract funding from Arts Council England to support the development and delivery of this production but there are no guarantees…

We need to be able to demonstrate that we have funding from a range of sources such as, donations from individuals, businesses and other funding organisations. Your financial support will make a big difference and help us meet our production and administration costs.

Find out more about our BlueAngels scheme and how you can support rural touring theatre.

Fell-Foss Theatre

Crusoe's Island

Setting sail from Autumn 2019

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Crusoe's Island