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Equipment Donations

Our community equipment bank keeps on growing thanks to the generous donations of instruments, amplifiers, costumes, scenery and other items people think might be of benefit to the organisation. These gifts help us to offer instruments to participants who may not be able to afford their own or would like to try out something new before investing.

Examples of things we have been donated include:

Costumes - these are looked after by Wensleydale Costume Hire.

ipads/ iphones/ smartphones and tablets - these have many uses such as, controllers for sound and lighting equipment, digital sheet music readers and personal monitors for our new digital mixer project.

Guitar Amps - Helping those who can't afford or transport their equipment to activities.

Wind Instruments - We have a growing collection and so far have allowed young people the opportunity to diversify their skills adding new sounds to performance pieces.

Cymbals and Drum accessories - We have drum kits and percussion stored across the Dales helping various projects and individuals around the area.

Contact us to find out how you might be able to help too...

Tuned Percussion

Thanks to everyone who supported our campaign to raise funds for Timpani, Glockenspiel and Xylophone. With so many multi-instrumental young people also interested in our drums and percussion section we are keen to provide more opportunities for them to demonstrate their skills by adding tuned percussion to our instrument stock. Our projects includes Three Majestic Harmonic Timpani, covers and carry bags; Yamaha Glockenspiel with stand and case and Yamaha Xylophone with stand and case.

Total project cost: £10,000

Main Funders:
Dales Festival of Food and Drink (Community Fund) £1,800
Richmondshire District Council Community Opportunities Fund £4,550
Elmtree Trust £1,000
Berry's fund-raising 2016 and Private donations met our remaining target of £2,650

Funding still required: Project Complete - Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Our Current Projects

Whether your contribution to support our work is £10 or £10,000 it makes a huge difference
to what we can achieve together. Thank you.

Get Musical ProjectGet Musical

We are delighted to have been awarded funding for the next three years to provide music making workshops in Wensleydale and Swaledale. The funding supports introducing sessions for young people as well as the main ensembles and Musical Theatre Project.

Main Funder: NYMAZ / Youth Music

Funding still required: £7,500 (£2,500 per year)

Project runs: April 2015 - March 2018

Student Bursaries

Due to our increased running costs to meet the project requirements we have had to re-introduce fees for participants. These cover core running costs such as insurance, refreshments, van and transport and our equipment loan scheme. We are looking for sponsors to support our Student Bursary Fund.

Guide: £80.00 per student per year.

In Ear MonitorinGoing Digital...

We are raising funds for digital sound and in ear monitoring systems. Our analogue equipment is starting to fail and it is time to grasp the modern wave of technology. Who would have thought we would be able to mix a live band using our smart devices!?! By transferring to the digital age we will

  • be able to offer the latest industry experience for individuals looking to develop their technical skills.
  • Digital Mixerreduce the amount of heavy equipment we have to move around.
  • reduce the exposure to loud noise on stage, educate and protect against hearing loss.
  • take full advantage of current advances in technology.

"One of our oldest community musicians is more 'tech savvy' than our young people and it is great fun to watch them bouncing ideas around and learning from each other."

Total project cost: £12,200

In Ear MonitoringAllen and Heath QU-SB Digital Mixer £900
Allen and Heath Digital Snake £900
Flight cases and racking £200
IPAD (controller) £700


RCF Active Speaker System £3,500

Wireless In Ear Monitoring System £4,000

Main Funders:
Speaker SystemTo be confirmed - project is just launching...

Funding still required: £12,200

Stage drapesMake me a stage!

We are raising funds for stage curtains and portable staging and it is expensive business! For big productions the expenditure is small but for voluntary groups it is big ticket items... Individual parts are not too bad but it is the number of items required that makes it expensive. As our concerts and presentations grow in popularity we need to ensure that all our audience members can see the action by expanding the stage area. As well using theatre spaces, we take our productions and concerts to community/ village halls transforming them into a performance space for a night. This takes a lot of time and effort but it is worth it for the enjoyment it brings to our audiences and performers alike. Our plans for 2017/18 include increasing our range of backdrops, portable support system and raising the performance area so everyone can see more of the action. We will do this in phases so it is difficult to put a total price tag on the project but as a guide...

Stage drapes - Black Drapes, DMX Star Cloth and 'Moulin Rouge' Style Austrian Drapes (see picture above) £600

Supports - Pipe and Drape System £1,000

Portable Stage System: Currently researching the best options.

Main Funders:
To be confirmed - project is just launching...

Funding still required: £TBC

We would like to thank our sponsors and funders for their kind and generous support